Free Bus Pass Application Information

20 January 2023

Dear Parents and Carers

I have been working with Worcestershire County Council to try to improve transport provision for our students, with particular focus on more bus provision and safer walking routes.  The council have confirmed to me today that a large number of the routes to school have been judged as ‘unsafe routes’ and are therefore classed as ‘unavailable’ walking routes.

These are the following:

Wolverley CE Secondary Unavailable  Routes


Wolverley Road between Sion Hill and the Lock Inn

Narrow pavement

Lea Lane

Landslip into canal


No pavement


lack of safe crossing point to Blakeshall Lane

Please see the attached map with these routes highlighted.

This means that a large number of our students will be eligible for a free bus pass.

If the following applies you are eligible for a free bus pass. 

  • Wolverley is your designated or nearest school (usually catchment area is the guide but you can easily check postcode eligibility in the link below)
  • you live under the 3 mile statutory walking distance from school
  • If your child were to walk to school they would walk via one of the highlighted areas

You will need to apply using the following link:

I have been liaising with senior officials at Worcestershire County Council and they are aware that this is likely to have a huge impact on demand for buses.  I am assured that sufficient capacity will be provided to safely transport any increased number of passengers.  In short, there will need to be more buses!

Please also note that students living on the new Park Gate/Lea Castle development will also be eligible, but a new dedicated service will need to be provided for them.  Details will be provided by WCC following a successful application.

I am delighted to share this news with you and hope that many existing and new bus users will benefit from this. 

Thanks for your continued support.

Mr Bryn Thomas


Free Bus Pass PM