School Uniform

Our school uniform is extremely important to us. 

We are very proud of our exceptionally high standards regarding uniform and expect all students to be dressed correctly at all times. Our uniform policy explains what our expectations are and what action will be taken if incorrect uniform is worn in school. You can find a copy of our policy by following the link at the bottom of the page.

If students are missing any items of uniform, parents/carers will be contacted. We endeavour to support students with their uniform. However, students who continually choose not to follow the expectations will be sanctioned. 

Parents/carers will be informed if a student does not attend a break time Phase 1 sanction and the student will be required to stay after school for a phase 2 sanction.

Inappropriate items will be confiscated and can be collected at the end of the school day.  If the same item is confiscated for a second day, parents/carers will be expected to collect the items.

The Wolverley blazer, College clip on tie and Wolverley PE kit are available online from County Sports and Schoolwear. Please click here to place online orders for delivery to home or school. 

Please contact the school if you have any issues relating to uniform due to religious reasons.

No hoodies/designer jackets are to be worn.  ALL outdoor clothing including scarves must be removed in once inside the school building. 

Examples of pleated skirts/shorts

PLEASE mark all items of uniform with the student’s name.

If our school uniform policy creates an issue relating to religious reasons, please contact us.