Celebrating the successes of our students is at the heart of our school ethos.

We have high expectations of our students both in terms of their academic progress, their attendance and also in their conduct as a member of the Wolverley community. When a student meets or exceeds those expectations we reward them and celebrate their achievement.

We have developed an electronic system of rewarding students for their work, progress, attendance and attitude around the school. Teachers can reward points for a large variety of actions, everything from producing an outstanding piece of homework to caring for the school environment. When a student reaches a specified milestone, they are presented with a certificate in collective worship and can also win prizes at key celebration points throughout the year.

The rewards policy also creates competition within our College system. Tutor groups compete to earn the most points within the College and each College competes throughout the year to be the most rewarded. The students recognise that as an individual they are responsible for their success but they also value their role and contribution within their College.

The rewards system aims to promote the importance of success and encourage Wolverley students to be the best that they can be.