Our Church of England Ethos

We incorporate our six key values of love, respect, forgiveness, gratitude, belonging and understanding in all that we do, underpinning our Ambition Unlimited motto.

We are extremely pleased that our students, whether they are Christian or not, tell us that our Christian ethos makes them feel a strong sense of belonging to a community and of being cared for as an individual. They feel supported in forming their own opinions and arriving at answers to the big questions in life.

This is an outstanding school due to the way every student is known, valued and so enabled to learn.SIAMS December 2016

Wolverley CE Secondary School is a happy, caring community where students learn to accept and tolerate differences, respect themselves, others and the environment.

In order to help students succeed and guide them we have a chaplaincy team in school.

Who are the Chaplains?

They are Robert Legge, Tim Williams and Bridget Woodall.


Collective Worship