Our History

Wolverley CE Secondary School opened its doors in 2007 following the closure of Wolverley High School and a huge shake up in the Worcestershire Local Authority.  At the same time it converted to a controlled Church of England School.
Prior to this, the school has had an interesting history.

Wolverley was the birthplace of William Sebright, who as a Town Clerk of London, accumulated an estate in Bethnal Green.  Upon his death in 1620, Sebright’s will detailed how his estate was to be used for the foundation of a grammar school in Wolverley. The original site for the grammar school was in the centre of the village and it can still be seen to this day. 

In 1931 the school changed its name to Sebright School and moved to a new site.  Between 1948 and 1970, Sebright was a public school, before closing in 1970 and reopening as Wolverley High School.

During the Second World War the school fields were used as vital observation posts; these were manned night and day for the duration of war. It was the task of the Observer Corps to track German aircraft movements and relay this information back to headquarters. The remaining concrete foundations of the posts are still evident today!

In 2021, Wolverley CE Secondary School was rated 'Good', demand for places continues to grow along with the schools reputation. New developments that have utilised the beautiful school site have led to additions such as the Animal Centre, a bouldering wall, challenge course and developed sport facilities such as the Astro turf.