Information, Advice & Guidance

At Wolverley CE Secondary School, we believe in offering as many opportunities as possible to our students in order to prepare them for their future lives and potential careers.

We offer students access to relevant and impartial careers guidance, along with support and information sessions from an outside support agency called ‘Reach Out’.

We work tirelessly to equip all young people with the appropriate knowledge, skills and understanding to progress to the next stage of education, employment and/or training.

Useful Links

Below is a selection of useful websites for both students and parents;

Parent Info - information, support and advice for parents
Passport Folio
icould - Multimedia Careers Information
Plotr - Explore Careers
National Careers Service - Government Website
Careers Box - Careers films on the Web
All About Careers - General Careers Information
Worcestershire Apprenticeships - National Apprenticeships
Unistats - Compare official course data from universities and colleges
Not Going To Uni - Apprenticeships, Gap Years, Distance Learning and Jobs
UCAS - University Admissions Service
Skills4Worcestershire - Worcestershire's Labour Market Information


School Careers Strategy Plan 2020/2021

The below document outlines our commitment to delivering a high quality and diverse careers programme to all students as they progress through our school. Please click the link below to access the plan.

Wolverley CE Secondary School Careers Strategy Plan

Work Experience

As a school, we are keen to offer the opportunity of work experience to our students and are more than willing to assist and support those students who pursue it. We see it as an opportunity for students to gain a valuable insight into early career exploration plus a chance to acquire and practice fundamental employability skills.

Work Experience in Year 10 usually takes place during the last week of the Summer term. Students are welcome to source suitable placements from within the community or with family/friends, however they can speak with us directly in school enabling us to offer support in securing a placement.  

Work Experience in Year 12 is compulsory and usually takes place for 2 weeks at the end of the Summer term. Students in Year 12 are encouraged to find their own placements, however we can offer assistance should the need arise.

ReachOut Support Services at Wolverley

Our Reach Out team provide one to one emotional support to students who are experiencing difficulties and need someone to talk to and offload.

Our volunteers are very experienced and trained in areas that can help with specific issues and provide techniques to help with anxiety, low self esteem and stress. Students may be having problems with break ups familly/friendships, bullying, what ever the problem, our aim at Reach Out is to provide the best possible support and help we can.

How to get referred: via School, heads of College/pastoral staff, parental referral, self, friends or email us direct at and ask for Andrea or Dani.

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