Academic Enrichment

As part of our holistic understanding of how crucial these next formative years are in our students’ lives, Wolverley Sixth Form prioritises the enrichment of our students’ social, political and intellectual knowledge. Our enrichment programmes are continuously developing to prepare students for the ever-changing world following their years of sixth form. Whether individuals are interested in pursuing higher education, training or employment, our programmes ensure our students have gained practical life skills before leaving us. We also want to advocate broadening their outlook through consideration of political, citizenship and financial issues - critical to an understanding of our modern world.

Active Enrichment

As part of the weekly Active Enrichment sessions, students are given the opportunity to get out into the local area and community; this year we are hoping to further strengthen the connection between Wolverley Sixth Form and a number of local and national charities, which hold a special place in the hearts’ of our students. We are keen to allow students to develop their emotional and mental well-being and allow pupils to reflect upon the balance of study, work and mindfulness during their years at sixth form. Finally, during these lessons, students are given the opportunity to stay physically and mentally healthy, while developing interpersonal and communication skills with peers, staff and the local community.