The rationale for the homework policy at WCESS is to enable our students to extend and expand their education beyond the confines of the classroom. This helps our pupils develop scholarship and, in particular, their independent learning skills. Homework is any relevant task or activity selected by the teacher, to be completed outside curriculum contact time. While it will usually be done at home, it may also take the form of supported study/homework clubs.

Subject Homework Related Link
Maths Hegarty Maths Login
English English Yr8 Tolerence Homework Menu
English Yr9 Homework Menu
English Yr10 Homework Menu R&J
English Yr10 Homework Booklet
English Yr11 Homework Taks
English Yr11 Homework Menu R&J
Computing & Computer Science Google Classroom Login
Science Science KS3 Homework Menu
Science KS4 Homework Menu
Religious Studies KS3 BBC Bitesize
KS4 BBC Bitesize
Spanish KS3 Spanish Homework Menu
KS4 Spanish Homework Menu

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