Our Ambition Pledge

The Ambition Pledge

At Wolverley CE Secondary School, we have ‘Ambition Unlimited’ for everyone within our school community. We are passionate about helping our students to learn and develop into responsible and well-rounded individuals. Our Christian values and ethos of mutual respect and understanding are at our core.

We believe that a high-quality academic curriculum, enriched with wider cultural and social development is right for our students. We want our students to do well in exams, but we also aim to help develop more culturally aware and socially conscious students with a deeper understanding of the world around them and their context within it.

A cultural and social education that enhances the taught curriculum will open students’ minds and challenge their own societal norms. We know that some students do not experience a breadth or depth of cultural or social enrichment away from school and may be inhibited by their socio-economic situation.  We want to ensure that students’ education at our school maximises social and cultural experiences so that we enhance, enrich and widen their view on the world.

Over the time students are with us, we will ensure there is a:

Universal Entitlement - The Ambition Pledge

We aim to ensure that all our students have the opportunity to participate in the following during their time at Wolverley:

  • Spend a night under canvas
  • Take on a personal physical challenge
  • Travel on an overseas experience
  • Experience a higher education visit
  • Complete a work experience placement
  • Engage with potential future employers
  • Engage in enrichment on and off the school site
  • Visit places of worship and a historical building
  • Take part in an organised sporting event
  • Visit a theatre or art gallery
  • Contribute to a charity event
  • Take a leadership or responsibility role
  • Take part in a public performance
  • Learn to ski on our ski slope
  • Complete a piece of fieldwork

Targeted Entitlement

We will actively encourage, support and facilitate targeted students to take part in activities which enrich and enhance their range of cultural and social experiences; providing them with an improved personal profile of cultural and social capital for a better future. For example:

  • Ensuring a student with no family experience of further education, visits a university
  • Encouraging a socially disadvantaged student to engage with one of our social or community projects
  • Financially supporting our Universal Entitlement opportunities where appropriate to the student's profile or needs.

Optional Entitlement

Students will have the option to opt into other trips, visits and experiences which school provides with the intention of broadening their experiences. For example:

  • Sailing club
  • Duke of Edinburgh Award
  • Visit Iceland, New York or skiing in the Alps