Our Vision

At Wolverley we believe that everyone is unique. We enable everyone to experience ‘life in all its fullness’ through living out our core biblical values.

We are passionate about developing well-rounded individuals by striving for excellence in everything that we do, so that all are inspired and empowered to fulfil their


At Wolverley CE School we believe that everyone is unique. We enable all students to achieve their potential; we aim to provide unlimited opportunity within this inspirational setting so that everyone can achieve their very best and fulfil their potential.

We are passionate about helping our students to learn and develop into responsible and well-rounded individuals. We place this goal at the heart of our drive for excellence.  We believe that a high-quality academic curriculum, enriched with wider cultural and social development is right for our students.

Our four values of love, justice, compassion and freedom support how we express our vision. These values are important to the Wolverley community and readily related to examples from the Bible.  We are extremely pleased that our students, whether they are Christian or not, tell us that our Christian ethos makes them feel a strong sense of belonging to a community and of being cared for as an individual. They feel supported in forming their own opinions and arriving at answers to the big questions in life.

Throughout our students' time at the school, we aim to:

  • Work within a framework of Christian values where students will learn to accept and tolerate differences and celebrate all believes and culture, as well as respecting themselves, others and the environment.
  • Embed Christian values to create a happy, caring community with a strong sense of belonging
  • Enable all our students to flourish academically, culturally and socially, developing their own vision, ambition and aspirations.
  • Recognise the very best that each student can do and work in partnership to ensure they achieve the very best outcomes
  • Create and maintain a happy, caring community where students are encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning and development
  • Ensure that every young person within our extended community is safe, happy, healthy, valued, respected, trusted and has fun achieving success to the best of their ability
  • Help close the gap of social and cultural inequalities and reach out to help and support students and their families
  • Enable every young person to grow up with enthusiasm for life and learning
  • Provide a range of engaging and stimulating experiences that will enable students to develop qualities that help them become confident citizens who respect others and make a full and positive contribution to their communities