We are proud to have a variety of testimonials from our former Wolverley Sixth Form students. Listen and read below to hear all about their experiences and tips for life at Sixth Form. 


I chose to study at Wolverley sixth form as I was heavily interested in the variety of subjects offered alongside the friendly and supportive environment that I was already familiar with through studying at Wolverley CE Secondary school. I particularly liked the smaller class sizes that may not be found in a sixth form college as this allowed for more focused and personal learning in order to achieve the best grades possible. Additionally, I found the resources given by Wolverley were especially useful in order to assist each individual to attain their best by providing everyone with a free laptop each, this was particularly useful for revision, homework and keeping in contact with teachers.


Moreover, I enjoyed studying at Wolverley sixth form as it provided me with practical life skills through academic enrichment, this was held two hours a week and gave guidance on skills such as financial, research and studying skills. Additionally, studying at sixth form enabled a lot more independence than GCSE’s, through study periods and half days which could be used as revision time, this was useful as it helps prepare those who want to attend university and gave me time to focus on my specific weaknesses. Nevertheless, I still found Wolverley offered lots of support during A-levels with revision, university applications and work experience placements, this was done through multiple career talks that were held in order to give guidance on future career paths post sixth form.


During my time in Wolverley, I struggled with the stress of exams and the pressure I would put on myself to achieve my best. However, I found all my subject teachers were extremely helpful with this; staff were always able to give advice on what areas to revise and making revision timetables for me which helped make sure I had some free time to relax. I found active enrichment was particularly useful for reducing stress, this involved two hours a week of group activities and trips outside of school which helped everyone to relax and make some wonderful memories. Moreover, I particularly struggled with my confidence before starting sixth form, yet I found that whilst attending Wolverley I became a lot more confident due to the support from teachers and smaller class sizes which gave me an opportunity to get more involved during lessons.


My top tips for studying at Wolverley would be to make use of the study periods given each week, this allows for more revision time and an opportunity to catch up on additional work without falling behind. Furthermore, I would recommend utilising the mock exam weeks as they help identify your weaknesses and get lots of exam practice to enable yourself to improve on specific areas. I would additionally suggest revising frequently as this helps you keep on top of your revision as there is a lot of content to cover, I found making notes after each lesson helped me keep up to date with all the content needed and prepare me to achieve well in my mocks.


Overall, I really enjoyed my time at Wolverley sixth form as I found I really improved in my academic studies due to the support and advice from teachers; the smaller class sizes and the resources given which may not be found in a large sixth form college - this helped gain a Distinction* and 2A’s and improved my confidence ready for my future career path.

Bethany Jewels - Former Student 2018 -2020

Choosing Wolverley Sixth Form was an obvious decision for me, because it offered what most other sixth forms and colleges did not. Although I felt daunted by the prospect of A-Levels, this was greatly reduced, as Wolverley offered smaller class sizes and a more personalised approach to learning. After attending the Open Evening and speaking to the subject teachers there, I felt reassured that A-Levels were the path for me, and that Wolverley was the perfect place for me to do them. This proved to the right decision.


I thoroughly enjoyed my time at sixth form. I found all my lessons in English, History and Law interesting, as well as challenging in a good way. The atmosphere in every class felt relaxing, but remained focused, which allowed me to stay productive without feeling stressed. What sets Wolverley apart is the amazing support from all the subject teachers. In every subject I was given regular, personalised feedback through marking and conversations. This constructive criticism throughout helped me improve rapidly and gave me further confidence in my abilities. The teachers were also willing to give up their free time during lunch and afterschool to help every student if they were struggling, and without the support they gave I am sure I wouldn’t have done as well as I did.


One of my favourite parts of Wolverley Sixth Form was their encouragement to partake in extra curricular activities. This motivation from the sixth form boosted my personal statement, as well as opportunities outside and after the sixth form itself. I began spending some of my lunchtimes in the library helping younger students discover reading for pleasure – an opportunity I was unlikely to have in the average sixth form. As a result, one of the teachers nominated me for the ‘Be The Change’ award from Safer Wyre Forest, which vastly improved both my CV and personal statement for university. Furthermore, one of the English teachers urged me to re-enter Worcestershire Young Poet Laureate. Without such encouragement it is unlikely I would have entered, and I would have missed out on the many of opportunities winning has brought me. Wolverley Sixth Form inspired me to further myself beyond grades, and I cannot thank them enough for everything they did for me.


 Throughout my education I have always struggled with mock exams, because I place a lot of pressure on myself to do well. However, I found the teachers at Wolverley Sixth Form especially supportive during these times, as they take the time to understand every student individually. They gave me the time to talk about my stress levels, and weighted homework appropriately to the inevitable increase in revision at home. This reduced my stress levels immensely which allowed me to perform well during these timed practice papers.


If you choose Wolverley Sixth Form I urge you to utilise all the support and resources they offer. Make use of all your lessons and study periods, as these two years will pass you by quickly and you don’t want to regret the time you waste. Remember the teachers are there to help you, so don’t feel afraid to ask for assistance when you need it. Most importantly enjoy yourself and get prepared for your next step.

Ellie Dart - Former Student 2018 - 2020