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Stuart Knott

Stuart Knott

Deputy Headteacher

Favourite subject at school

I was passionate about Drama at school and went on to study Acting at Drama School. I was also very keen on Food technology and spent time in France on a work placement at a restaurant.


I am a very keen (but not always very able) sportsman. I enjoy running, swimming, cycling, golf, rugby, tennis, skiing and many others. I regularly enter competitions/races and have ran several half and full marathons, triathlons and endurance races.

I still like to act when I get the chance but that isn’t very often.

About me

I am married with 2 young children.

I grew up in Stourport and went to Stourport High School as a student, where I later went on to work as a teacher. I have previously worked in Halesowen and Perry Barr.

I really enjoy being part of a school community and recognise that it isn’t just the students that are learning. Every time I go in to a classroom, I make a point of leaving with a new piece of knowledge/information and it’s usually the students that have taught me! It is a real pleasure to be part of a child’s education and I hope that I can help students get as much out of the time in school as I did with mine.