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Emma Turton

Emma Turton

Head of College - Hurcott

Favourite subject at school

My favourite subject at school was sociology. I was fascinated by looking at the world and the people in it. It helped me to have an appreciation of diversity, a knowledge about human behaviour, social organisation, culture and the need for social change. I had a wonderful teacher, Mrs Lovett, who was a real inspiration to me.


My close friends and family are incredibly important to me. They are always there for me when I need them and I am incredibly lucky to have such lovely people around me. I spend the majority of my spare time trying to be a good mother, daughter, sister and friend and helping the people who I hold dear to me.

About me

I am originally from Wolverhampton but moved to this area 20 years ago. I live in the local area with my daughter, who was a student here at Wolverley. She is now at university studying for an art degree.

I have worked at Wolverley for 13 years and originally started working within pastoral support. It is wonderful to watch our students progress through the school and be a part in shaping their lives.