Midsummer Poetry Competition - And the winner is.....

30 June 2020

Congratulations to Mia Branford in Year 8 on her winning entry to Miss Hawker's Midsummer poetry competition.

Phoebe Taylor came a very respectful second with her entry.

Well done to both ladies and all of those students that sent in their poems.


Mia's Poem

The graceful sun flutters low above the hills; the night comes. Endless fun really has an end. The crackling fire begins to light up as the people left over raise up their cup. Dancing pole falls and fairground toys deflate; people relax and leave through the gate. Fireflies appear and light up the sky; families soon wave goodbye. Toasting marshmallows and beaming with joy, people wondering if their child will annoy. 


Scary stories going around and listening out for a wolf sound. Midnight comes and people go to sleep and children trying not to make a single peep. The luminous moon shines brighter than ever; people wake up fearing they aren’t as clever. Cleaning up the mess, packing away tents, and children wishing there were more events. Kids going to the playground the parents send, wishing this magical experience will never end.