GCSE History Trip

12 February 2020

To support with their GCSE history a number of students visited the Palace Theatre to watch ‘Hitler on Trial’. The performance was preceded with a workshop on how to answer exam questions that required student participation. I am please to report that the Wolverley students correctly marked the question and gave the right response when asked by the ‘lead examiner.’ During the interval students were caught discussing the different questions, while getting a number of bags of sweets, and arguing over which marks they would give. After the interval the trial of Adolf Hitler for Crimes against Peace took place, with various witnesses from Nazi Germany being cross examined by the prosecution and the defence. The trial effectively guided students through the knowledge they require for their GCSE while also exposing them to courtroom systems and genuine art and film from the era. The trial ended with students acting like a jury and giving their verdict on Hitler’s guilt, with Wolverley’s judgment being in line with the over all verdict of guilty. The performance ended with quite the twist and made quite a few of the students jump in their seats. All in all the students enjoyed a first trip, for some, to a theatre while gaining some valuable new skills and a decent top up of their subject knowledge.