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Numeracy Focus Week 2020

3 February 2020

Throughout Numeracy Focus Week students were challenged to improve their times tables calculations. Students completed a range of tasks throughout the week which helped them to develop and practise times tables calculations.

Times tables are a crucial foundation required for pupils to be successful in a range of subjects.

Every lesson students attended started with a 30 question times tables quiz. At lunch time students and staff took on times tables challenges in the hub to win prizes.

Tutor groups competed throughout the week to be the best at times tables calculations. Congratulations to Phoenix 3, Dolphin 2, Eagle 5 and Lion 1 who were the best in their respective colleges.

Parents/carers who would like to support their son/daughter with their times tables throughout and after numeracy focus week can direct pupils towards the following Hegarty Maths tasks: 10 and 11.