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Creative Writing Competition

15 November 2019

Another superb, even explosive, effort from students entering the creative writing bonfire night competition.

Joint first goes to Zara Knight and John Evans-Richardson, both in year 10. Giana Gigi, year 8, took second place, and Daren Norgrove, year 9, came third.

This is the second time in the prizes for John- clearly emerging as one to beat! We loved his sophisticated fusion of personification, multi-sensory imagery, and alliteration in his opening:

‘The roaring orange fused flames danced through the night, crackling and laughing to every joke spoken. Scorching red fairies covered the pitch black with a vibrant glow, and the rich scent of marshmallows filled the air...’

Zara skilfully uses a range of sentence types to create a tone of excitement and wonderment:

‘… Out of nowhere it happened again: bright, luminous colours. Pink. Blue. Pink again. Purple. Green. Yellow. Again, the same colours. Again and again. Exploding full of joy and happiness.’

Giana creates an evocative visual image of a joyful gathering, and manipulates sentence structure to create a wonderful flow to her language:

‘Shivering in the cold, children were putting on their warm mittens and fluffy hats. The happy crowd had gathered together, in groups of family and friends, laughing and dancing together. Children were dancing amongst themselves in the crispy leaves.’

Daren has a superb vocabulary and a natural ‘ear’ for subtly effective sound devices such as the assonance included here:

‘The bonfire lit up the night like an exploding star. The flames liking the inky, black abyss that was the night sky. Spitting and roaring like an angry, majestic lion.’

Well done!

Mrs Hawker will soon be setting a task for the Christmas creative writing competition. Please keep an eye on the bulletin for further information.