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Trip to the SnowDome, Tamworth

23 October 2019

There’s snow in Tamworth…….indoors!

The Tamworth SnowDome hosted 24 intrepid Wolverley student skiers this week. The students from years 7 to 11 were mainly beginners and were having their first experience skiing on the ‘white stuff’. They are all gearing up for the annual school ski trip in February 2020. This year they will be going to Bormio in the Italian Alps. Our budding Franz Klammers will be working hard before then to make sure they learn the basics before taking to the real slopes, 2000 metres higher than Tamworth! Students had a great time; even sliding in some après ski at McDonalds and were praised by their instructors and members of the public for their courteous, polite and well mannered behaviour. Well done ski team 2020.