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Science Biology Week

7 October 2019

Biology Week 2019 ran from 5th-13th October - it saw events take place all over the world that celebrated biology.

At WCESS we were joining in this appreciation of the subject by encouraging students to become biologists and to see the importance in linking biology to everyday life. During lunchtime, on Monday 7th October, the Psychology department ran a Biopsychology session on the structure of a neurone, using sweets to construct the parts and label them and discuss the role of sugar on the brain and body! A range of students attended the drop in session, including the STEM club students.

Tuesday - the PE department and their 6th form students ran a session on fitness where students dropped in to discuss the role of muscles as well as complete fitness tests.

The Buzz Biology session ran on Wednesday lunchtime in the science department, students discussed climate change and Greta, using an artificial uterus and growing meat in space; students enjoyed the engaging discussion and the moral and ethical discussion of these topics.

Thursday - the science department planned a nature walk, although sadly poor weather meant this will be rearranged for next half term (and as requested by students, at regular intervals across the school year). Friday saw the Big Biology Bash. It was delightful to see such an array of students in the science department at lunchtime, being involved in dissections, including inflating lungs, using microscopes and seeing osmosis and discussing biological content.
One student said, "Dissection was engaging, even though it was a bit smelly, it really opened our eyes to the parts of the body"
"Using the microscopes were really informative and gave us more time than we often get in lessons" Kelli McInnes
"Making neurones from sweets helped us to better understand cells through sweets which we really enjoyed and was very memorable" Ellena Read
"The Buzz biology made us contemplate more the effects of scientific research on how we live" Matt Palmer.