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Hippodrome Blood Brothers Workshop

9 October 2019

On Wednesday 9th October year 10 and 11 drama students had an amazing opportunity to meet the cast of the smash hit musical Blood Brothers. Students spent the day at the Birmingham Hippodrome, taking part in vocal and movement workshops with professional performers.  Following these workshops, students were given a personal back stage tour, exploring all set, props and costumes for the show. Following this, technical members of the Hippodrome demonstrated how the scenery and lighting technology worked during performance and highlighted key functions of a modern and traditional theatre. However, It did not end there - as one of the longest standing staff members of the Hippodrome gave a private talk discussing the theatre history and untold stories of times gone by.  To top off the day , students met all the cast, siting in the front row in a personal Q and A session just an hour before the show. Asking forward and intriguing questions on theatre and performance that picked the minds of the West End stars. Finally, of course, not forgetting the main event - to watch the matinee of the show which ended in a standing ovation and a slight boastful feeling of “ I met him” , “ I stood on that stage” and my favourite “ I touched that costume” . We have more to come following this trip, with our link with the Hippodrome and the  Hippodrome Education Network so watch this space.