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Age Mix

28 August 2019

Age Mix has had an extremely busy year! We started off sessions in November by welcoming veterans and senior partners to our annual remembrance service and lunch.  This was a great opportunity to learn about the meaning of remembrance and share experiences of those who served our country. 

Throughout, the year we have taken part in a wide range of activities including visits to our animal centre, crafting and presentations on our favourite toys.

We celebrated our final session of this year with a trip to Bewdley Museum. During our visit we participated in a workshop which saw contrasts of life when our senior partners were growing up during the 40s and 50s to present day. In addition, we learnt the effects of rationing and evacuation. A great day was had by all.

In order to increase the impact Age Mix can have on those involved we have spent a lot of time this year sourcing funding for our project. We were very successful in securing grants from Wyre Forest District Council, Cllr Ian Hardiman, Wolverley Carnival Fund and Cllr Lisa Jones. Without the generous donations from those above we would be unable to run this worthwhile project.

Junior partners would like to thank senior partners who volunteer time, generosity and kindness to support Age Mix.  It really is valued, as one junior partners says, ‘I really look forward to Age Mix – I love talking to the senior partners – it is the highlight of my week. Our conversations are always interesting and not like the ones I have at home’. 

We look forward to Age Mix continuing next academic year. Ollie Farquharson.