My Child At School

What is MyChildAtSchool?

MCAS allows parents of students to monitor their child’s progress in school. MCAS is available to all parents that have legal parental responsibility.


How to access MCAS

To receive access to Parent Portal, we require that you have your email address registered here at Wolverley school. This is used to receive an automated email with your login details. You may have previously submitted your email to us on the contact sheets sent for completion each year.

At the start of the academic year all parents/carers are sent an email containing their username and password for MCAS. Simply follow the instructions in the email to get logged in.


General Support

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Mcas login

If you forget your login details or password, please click the "Forgotten Login Details?" at the login page (or click here) and select "I need to reset my password". You will be asked to provide the school ID which is 11294 and your personal email address linked to the MCAS account.

If you need to submit a new or amended email address please get in contact with the school to make this change.

PLEASE NOTE - Due to GDPR email address changes cannot be made over the phone.

If you need any further help, please contact us.

Should you have any concerns about the information that is in our system please don’t hesitate to contact the school, or your child’s Head of College or tutor.

What can be seen in MCAS

You can view your son/daughters Attendance, Behaviour, Monitoring Reports, Full Reports and Timetable through MCAS. 

1. Your Homepage - Here you can see an overview of your childs progress. Use the menu on the left to view individual details.

MCAS homepagesmallNEW

2. Attendance - Here you can view your childs attendance. This can be either be all subjects or show attendance for individual subjects by using the dropdown.

MCAS Attend

3. Behaviour - Here you can view your child's behaviour events both positive and negative. 

MCAS BehavNOTE - If you click on a day with an event logged, you will see more details as below.
Event details4. Reports - Here you will find your childs monitoring and full reports. These can be viewed online or can be downloaded as a PDF. MCAS ReportsNEW

5. Timetable - Here you can view your childs timetable for the week. You can see future timetables by using the dropdown at the top. 

MCAS Timetable



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