Criminology is the study of crime. Criminologists explore various explanations for crime and social reactions to crime. It is an interdisciplinary social science subject, drawing from a range of sociological, psychological and biological discussions as well as law 

The study of Criminology can support access to a wide range of Higher Education Criminology and related degree courses. An understanding of Criminology is relevant to many jobs within the criminal justice sector including Probation Officers, Prison Officers, Police Officers, Crime Scene investigators, Forensic Science, Social Workers and Youth Workers. It could also be of interest to someone considering Law as a possible, future career path. 

Students will focus on four areas of study during the course: 

  • Changing Awareness of Crime – this looks at different types of crime, influences on perceptions of crime and why some crimes are unreported to enable students to develop an understanding of the complexity of behaviours and the social implications of crimes and criminality.  
  • Criminological Theories – this develops learning from Unit 1 and explores the difference between criminal behaviour and deviance and the theories behind why people commit crime.  
  • Crime Scene to Courtroom – students will gain an understanding of the criminal justice system from the moment a crime has been identified to the verdict in court, and will develop the skills needed to examine information in order to review the justice of verdicts in criminal cases.  
  • Crime and Punishment – this unit allows students to apply their understanding of the awareness of criminality, criminological theories and the process of bringing an accused to court in order to evaluate the effectiveness of social control and deliver criminal justice policy. 

The course is assessed through a combination of two written examinations, set and marked by the exam board, and two assessed internal assignments. 

  • External assessments involve short and extended answer questions, based on stimulus material and applied contexts. Each question will have an applied problem-solving scenario. 
  • Internal assignments are assessed through summative, controlled assessment. 


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Criminology roadmap 2022 10th Oct 2022