Animal Care


Department Vision 

Compassion and respect for all living things are the central driving forces of animal care. Through the animal care course, our students strengthen their understanding of the five animal welfare needs, and how these must be justly applied to all animals in our care by regularly assuming practical maintenance husbandry roles in the animal centre during their lessons. Their sense the importance of equity is nurtured and strengthened by providing freedom to access the five welfare needs for all animals, regardless of species. 

By learning with us, students can experience first-hand how demonstrating love to others, enables a richer quality of life, both for themselves and others. 

Subject Information 

Animal Care at Wolverley is based at our onsite department ‘Wolverley Animal Centre’ which houses around 70 animals including goats, meerkats, tortoise, chinchillas, sugar gliders, snakes and more. The bespoke centre allows our students to be placed in real life, work based scenarios ensuring they not only come out with a qualification but also all the skills to jump straight into a work place if they so desired.

Students cover a wide variety of units including; Animal Handling, Animal Housing & Accommodation and Animal Health & Welfare where they get to handle, feed, water, groom & health check all of our animals.   

The centre not only delivers accredited qualifications but provides a sanctuary for students to come and develop their communication skills and confidence. Many cross-curricular lessons take place at the centre, measuring and weighing animals in Maths, writing animal based poetry in English, learning animal names in Spanish lessons and so much more. Students get the opportunity to come and see the animals during break and lunch and even assist in caring for some of the species in their free time.

Subject Documents Date
Animal Care Road Map 2022 26th Sep 2022