Personal, Social, Religious and Health Education

Religion is a major source of inspiration, meaning, and controversy in human culture. 

It informs our understanding of history, politics, sciences, the arts, as well as day to day ethical concerns and promotes development of a sense of social responsibility. In Religious Studies we explore human ideas about truth, knowledge of the divine and how religious ideas are expressed through texts, belief systems and practises.  PSRHE also allows students to reflect on the impact that religious belief has on morality and ethics, whilst also deliberating on life's BIG questions. Students are encouraged to learn from and about religious and non- religious beliefs and share their own views and opinions

Within PSRHE lessons we also cover Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education and Citizenship. Through the PSHEE and Citizenship programme students acquire the knowledge, understanding and skills needed to manage their lives. PSHEE develops the qualities and attributes pupils need to thrive as individuals and so become responsible members of society. Citizenship education develops the knowledge, understanding that pupils need to play a full part in society as active and responsible citizens. Pupils learn about politics, parliament and voting as well as human rights, justice, the law and the economy. 

At KS3 we follow the Worcestershire Agreed Syllabus and study a range of topics from the afterlife to religious buildings. Our study of these topics is aimed at answering big questions. For example, we study religious buildings with the focus on answering the question ‘Should religious buildings be sold to feed the starving?’. In PSHEE we follow the Department for Education guidelines and in Citizenship National Curriculum guidelines.

In KS4 students may opt to study the Eduqas GCSE specification. Students taking GCSE RS and will study the beliefs and teachings of Christianity and Islam as well as four ethical themes, allowing students to question and debate. PSHEE and Citizenship topics are covered in regular drop-down days and include First Aid training, budgeting and sexual health.

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Religious Studies KS4 Road Map 2022 26th Sep 2022
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