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At Wolverley we believe that it is our duty to inspire young people to see the true beauty of maths in the wider world by bringing maths alive, and make it interesting and accessible.

We aim to foster independent learners who can problem solve and feel capable and confident when it comes to using their skills both in and out of a school environment.

Maths is taught in ability groups enabling us to include everyone and support them in navigating the mathematical world of problem solving, logic and reasoning.

We use a range of teaching and learning methods and styles as well as utilising support programmes such as Hegarty Maths where students can complete work online in their own time.

Enrichment and support sessions are also provided for those that wish to take part as it is our aim to ensure everyone can access the new and varied curriculum and enjoy it.

Subject Documents Date
Maths Foundation Road Map 2022 26th Sep 2022
Maths Higher Road Map 2022 26th Sep 2022