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GCSE Business


Department Vision 

The department vision is in line with the wider school of developing well rounded individuals who are resilient, ‘interested’ and ‘interesting’ individuals that flourish. An offer of a high-quality academic curriculum, enriched with wider cultural and social development allow for students to allow students to flourish using the gift God has given them. Furthermore, lessons should challenge all students and provide clear support so that all students are able to achieve. Students are encouraged to see the benefits of diversity and how it can be enriching and how different groups of people also share values held by Christians. We will help students to live life in all its fullness by fostering sound financial choices, developing a growth mindset in students so they view problems or setbacks as challenges, and we will seek to help students develop resourcefulness to overcome these challenges. Individual lessons aim to develop the wider vision. It is through overcoming challenges or tests that students will learn, grow, and become wiser.

Subject Information 

Business and Enterprise at Wolverley CE Secondary School aim to support students in developing their understanding of the business world and entrepreneurship.

It is our aim to prepare students to use business and financial information to make better decisions for both themselves in a personal capacity as well as enhancing their ability to make sound business decisions in a professional capacity.

Pupils are able to study GCSE Business or BTEC Enterprise at Key Stage 4.

The EDUQAS 9-1 GCSE Business course involves the study of many essential areas of business which will prove very useful for students in their future careers. This includes but is not limited to the study of; business finance, influences on business as well as human resources.

The BTEC Enterprise course is a mixture of coursework and examination. This course focuses on exploring businesses, business finance, promotion and planning and pitching a business idea.

The topics to be studied across year 1
  • Business activity
  • Influences on business
  • Marketing
The topics to be studied across year 2
  • Finance
  • Business operations
  • Human resources
Business activity
  • The nature of business activity and goods and services
  • Business enterprise
  • Business planning
  • Business aims and objectives
  • Business ownership
  • Business growth
  • Business location and site
Influences on business
  • Technological influence on business activity
  • Ethical influence on business activity
  • Environmental influence on business activity
  • Economic influence on business activity
  • The impact of globalisation on businesses
  • The impact of legislation on businesses
Business operations
  • Methods of production
  • Quality
  • Supply chain
  • Sales process
  • Sources of finance
  • Revenue and costs
  • Profit and loss accounts (income statements)
  • Cash flow
  • Financial performance
  • Identifying and understanding customers
  • Market research
  • The marketing mix
  • Product
  • Price
  • Promotion
  • Place
Human resources
  • Recruitment
  • Training
  • Motivation
  • Organisational structures
Subject Documents Date
Business GCSE Roadmap 2022 03rd Oct 2022