Department Vision 

Science at Wolverley enables students to experience awe and wonder and develop curiosity about the world around us and how things work, whilst fostering a love of science. The skills and knowledge that students acquire will allow them to shed light on life’s big ideas and flourish in the face of future challenges.

We study how science affects all the different aspects of our lives and discuss how science is linked to our Christian beliefs and faith. By understanding how scientists work students reflect on the importance of success and failure, creativity and logic. Moral and ethical issues are explored allowing students to develop compassion and the freedom to cultivate their own thoughts. Lessons are designed to inspire students to understand key issues in their lives and to use their unique gifts to become advocates for those issues important to them and aligned with our biblical value of love for our planet and all life on it.

Our curriculum allows students to investigate and problem solve, looking at the points of view from a wide range of backgrounds, cultures and influences. Inclusivity underpins Science at Wolverley ensuring that all students are prepared for opportunities in STEM careers and the wider application of science locally, nationally and globally.

Subject Information 

The science department at Wolverley aims to engage all learners in the wonders and intricacies of the world around us and develop their love and understanding of them.

We boast a number of well-equipped and modern science labs where engaging lessons are delivered by a team of experienced and dedicated specialist teachers and technicians. Facilities are further enhanced by a range of fantastic outdoor environments and a dedicated computer room.

Practical activities make full use of specialist facilities and equipment and students work in small groups to develop practical skills and carry out investigations.

Students are guided to think for themselves and develop their ability to solve problems in current contexts whilst being provided with a curriculum that is challenging but accessible to all.

Subject Documents Date
Science Road Map 2022 26th Sep 2022