Art & Design


Department Vision 

At Wolverley the Arts enable students to fulfil their ‘Ambition Unlimited’ through developing their self-esteem and respect for the contribution that they and others can make.  We encourage a love for the arts through material that considers complex issues, thoughts, feelings and actions.  We want students to use different forms of intelligence, recognising genius and learning from challenges in order to experience life in all its fullness. We develop pupils understanding of justice by ensuring that they have access to high quality materials. Through the Arts we give pupils the freedom to express their own belonging and understanding of the world and support them to become all that they can be.

Subject Information 

Art at Wolverley is an immersive experience where all students have the opportunity to let their imaginations flow and allow their creativity to shine through.

We believe that everyone can be an artist if they want to and encourage individuals to develop their skills in a range of ways that is comfortable to them.

Students cover a range of areas including cultural , structural and symbolic art and are encouraged to draw, paint, print and use mixed media to express themselves and demonstrate ability

We study the styles and work of others ranging from that of Matisse through to Picasso and Warhol in a creative environment.

Enrichment activities are aplenty and you will often find someone quietly drawing or painting in their free time which is something we always encourage.

Subject Documents Date
Art Road Map 2022 26th Sep 2022