Student Leadership

Allowing our students to have a voice and air their opinions is extremely important to us. Our Student Ministry is a fantastic way of bridging the gap between the students, teachers and governors. The elected members act for their peers by presenting their views about education and their learning environment. 
Additionally, student voice is helping our students to develop important life skills, such as leadership, teamwork, self-confidence, speaking and listening skills and problem solving. Members of the Student Ministry discuss relevant affairs of the school, working in partnership with school management, staff and parents for the benefit of the school and its students. 

Head Students

Our head students are elected by all members of the school community. They are elected at the start of the autumn term from the sixth form. Their role includes leading the sixth form committee and social events. They are also involved in the student ministry.

Student Voice - Teaching & Learning

Students take an active role gathering feedback from teaching and learning across all departments. Each year members of the Student Ministry are trained to lead student voice at Key Stage 3. This involves small group discussions with students to gather information about the strengths of each subject and ideas for development. All students also have the opportunity to complete online surveys to offer feedback about teaching and learning at school.

Student Voice - Prefects

Our prefects are chosen to represent their fellow students and to support the school. They will be rightly proud of their school and all that it stands for. Being a prefect at Wolverley C of E Secondary School is a considerable honour, which also carries with it responsibilities; they are role models for others.

Community Ambassadors

Students from schools across The ContinU Trust of Wyre Forest and Hagley are involved in being Community Ambassadors. The role has involved delivering assemblies, presentations and information to their peers around issues like personal safety, anti-bullying, healthy relationships and tackling crime.