6th form

Curriculum & Results


Our sixth form offers students a wide range of both A-level and BTEC courses; the curriculum includes everything from academic A-Levels, preferred by Russell Group Universities, to vocational courses that have a clear progression route to a specific career.  We advocate a variety of opportunities and ensure that students are given the time and guidance to experience the multitude of pathways that are presented to them, at this point of their education. These include regular work experience placements; enrichment opportunities and the chance to improve GCSE Maths and English qualifications. Furthermore, students also attain an EPQ qualification while studying at Wolverley Sixth Form, this additional qualification supports the development of fundamental independent research and study skills which are vital for success at A-Level and further higher education. We are proud to be actively involved in the preparation for students’ next steps; our academic enrichment lessons focus on higher education, UCAS applications, careers and opportunities beyond school. We also showcase a network of local universities and provide workshops to support students in choosing university courses, writing personal statements and understanding student finance.


Due to COVID-19 performance measures are not current. There's further information on schools accountability expectations for the 2019 to 2020 academic year available here.

We pride ourselves for on our high standards of results in both academic and applied courses. Attainment at Wolverley Sixth Form is reflective of our high-quality teaching and the studious and determined attitude of our learners. Last year, 48% of our students continued into Higher Education and the rest of the cohort pursued apprenticeship or work opportunities. At Wolverley, our students leave with the necessary qualifications and attributes, whether heading into University life or the world of employment.


Wolverley Sixth Form Date
16 to 19 Tuition Fund 2020 Website 29th Sep 2023
18. Psychology 09th Oct 2023
WSF Newsletter Week 8 19th Feb 2024
WSF Newsletter week 6 22nd Jan 2024
WSF Newsletter Week 5 11th Dec 2023
WSF Newsletter week 4 22nd Nov 2023
WSF Newsletter Week 5 22nd Nov 2023
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16. Media Studies 11th Oct 2023
5. Biology 09th Oct 2023
4a. Art and Design 09th Oct 2023
4. Acting 09th Oct 2023
21. Sport 09th Oct 2023
20. Spanish 09th Oct 2023
19. Sociology 09th Oct 2023
17. Music 09th Oct 2023
16. Media Studies 09th Oct 2023
15. Maths 09th Oct 2023
14. Law 09th Oct 2023
13. History 09th Oct 2023
12. Health and Social Care 09th Oct 2023
11. Geography 09th Oct 2023
10. English 09th Oct 2023
9. Dance 09th Oct 2023
8. Criminology 09th Oct 2023
7. Chemistry 09th Oct 2023
6. Business 09th Oct 2023
WSF Newsletter week 1 05th Oct 2023