Science Week 2019

Monday – we did a nature walk at lunch. A mixture of year 7, 8 and 9 students got a ‘back stage’ tour of the site (areas usually out of bounds!), where we discussed the importance of spring flowers like daffodils and snowdrops to early flying insects. We also observed the flowering catkins offering early food for the honey bees found in the Wolverley Hives. We intend on making the walk a monthly event so we can observe how the fauna and flora change over the seasons. Not only did the walk offer science links to content within lessons, it also offered students some necessary mindfulness and stress reduction as well as a greater appreciation for the school landscape.

Tuesday – paper aeroplanes were made at lunch. There were a variety of different sizes and students discussed why some shapes and sizes fly better than others, linking to forces and aerodynamics. Although we didn’t make this an official competition I think it is safe to say at Reece Venter was clearly the greatest paper aeroplane engineer and pilot!

Wednesday – documentaries. To link to our weekly offering of ‘Science on the Screen’, we played the Mammoth documentary where a frozen mammoth was found in ice and DNA was extracted. This allowed an ethical discussion about the use of cloning and DNA.

Thursday – Big Bang Trip. This was exceptional. Year 9 students really were a credit to the school. They behaved immaculately, got involved with the activities and were buzzing about STEM subjects by the end of the day. The NHS provided a ‘real-life’ operation and ambulance as well as showing some of their new technology including a ‘camera’ to show up the veins under the skin to help doctors and nurses insert a cannula. The RAF and Army provided lots of hands on activities and showed some of their new technology, including aircraft. GCHQ offered students code breaking activities. There were live shows where students could sit and watch science experiments in a highly engaging setting with experts in the field, offering careers advise as well as educational content. There were numerous power station companies showcasing renewable energies and discussing nuclear fuel. In fact the 3 hours inside the NEC arena really wasn’t enough for us to cover it all. What an amazing day!

Friday – Air Powered Dragsters. Using pressurised air to provide thrust to a car students have built using paper, plastic piping, straws and CDs and wheels. This allowed discussions about building materials, engineering design as well as forces and motion. Congratulations to Lily Donovan in Year 7 for the furthest run!






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