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Year 10 Forces

Learning how to calculate speed in animal care: Year 10 students got the opportunity to visit the animal care centre and learn how to calculate the speed of an animal. They measured the distance travelled and the time taken to enable them to calculate the speed an animal travels. To our surprise, the tortoises were quicker than students had expected (0.04m/s). We also discussed key terminology such as displacement. The session also provided students with a different social experience and improved their caring skills – they had to be very quiet even when excited so as not to scare the animals. Everyone enjoyed meeting the chinchillas!

Year 12 Visit Wolverley Marsh, a Worcestershire Wildlife Trust Reserve

On Friday 3rd May, Year 12 Biology 6th Form students walked from WCESS to Bishop’s Field, Wolverley Marsh. We hoped to observe some plants adapted to a marsh habitat as well as discuss the abundance and distribution of biodiversity in a protected reserve and their importance for local conservation. This was a perfect opportunity to link previous and current topics in transport in plants and hydrophytes to biodiversity, evolution and conservation. We look forward to visiting again and using such a special resource on our doorstep.

Year 9 Modelling Chemical Bonds

Year 9 have learnt about the different types of bonds in chemical compounds. To help reinforce this learning they have used plasticine models to explain the different atoms.

STEM learning: Rubens tube showing sound waves in fire

The science team are excited to have the ability to use a Rubens tube to demonstrate a standing wave in physics. There are small holes on the tube, connected to a signal generator, which forms a flame showing a visual standing wave pattern that varies in height according to the pressure amplitude in the tube. Science staff look forward to demonstrating such an exciting piece of equipment and getting fire to dance to music.

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