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Mental Health Awareness Week - Kindness Calendar

15 May 2020

As part of mental health awareness week, we have set up a challenge for you all.

We want you to try and show some kindness to someone every day.

Attached to this news article are two copies of a 'Kindness Calendar' - A word version and a PDF version. Please use the one most suited to your needs.


Your challenge is to complete the calendar and get it back to Mrs Clipson in school.

Here are some of the ideas from the calendar:

  • Send a card or letter to someone.

  • Call a friend to ask how they are.

  • Call a relative to ask how they are.

  • Post a small gift to someone.

  • Make breakfast for the people you live with, or cook a nice meal for your family.

  • Make a cake and give it to your neighbour.

  • Offer to wash up.

  • Do something kind for yourself!

Kindness calendar - Microsoft wordKindness calendar - PDF

You can send electronic copies / photographs to

Printed copies can be sent to school; remember your name!