The Age Mix Project

As part of our Ambition Unlimited ethos, we have launched a new project called Age Mix. Age Mix aims to partner up over 65s with young people in school. 
Over 65s have a wealth of knowledge and life experience that can be shared with younger people. Young people bring a different set of skills and knowledge that they can share in return.  In bringing Senior and Junior partners together, we will see how spending time together can enrich their lives.
The general Aims of Age Mix are to provide a greater understanding of community resources; to be given the opportunity to have a positive impact on your community; to provide opportunities for new experiences; to become part of Age Mix community by giving and sharing experiences and time and to form friendships within the Age Mix community. 
In addition to this the Senior Partners will benefit by; 
  • A feeling of value through having an active contribution to make to the modern world 
  • Gaining a greater understanding and contact with modern life 
  • Overcoming irrational, media-fuelled, fear of teenagers 
  • Overcoming fears of admitting to physical frailties like deafness and being unsteady 
  • Learning to ask for and accepting help 
  • Learning new skills 
  • Exercising the memory 
  • Having a future, not just a past 
  • Opportunities for greater physical and cognitive activity 
  • Attending school events 
  • Greater understanding of young people 
Furthermore, the junior partners will benefit by;  
  • Becoming more adult through having regular contact with seniors on an equal level 
  • Becoming more self-aware and start to interrogate their own problems 
  • Beginning to address their problems on their own terms by talking them through with their partners 
  • Making friends across the year groups with other students involved in Age Mix
  • Greater educational engagement. Through partnerships they learn to appreciate that education is a path to what they want, not just what teachers and parents want for them 
  • The best way to learn is by teaching someone. Many junior partners feel that having senior partners in their classes and having to explain lessons to them, helps them learn. They also feel important and the fact that senior partners are so interested in their lessons makes them appreciate and value them. 
  • Learning to form strong, enduring relationships 
  • Protection, guidance and help in breaking the vicious cycle of bullying, especially cyber bullying 
  • The ability to build strong relationships is of enormous value in healing childhood trauma and curing loneliness 
  • Opportunities for improving achievements in school 
  • Greater understanding of older people
Watch the video to learn more. Alternatively get in touch with Oliver Farquharson or Mrs Tracey Rose via school reception if you have any questions regarding Age Mix, or if you would like to be part of this exciting venture. 

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