Year 7 Camp

On Friday 15th September, over 125 students from Wolverley CE Secondary School pitched up their tents and prepared for Wolverley’s annual Summer Camp Sleepover.

The Summer Camp Sleepover, which aims to foster bonds between pupils and staff, is a superb opportunity for the new intake of Year 7 to socialise and get to know one another in more than a classroom setting. Similarly, a vast array of staff relish the chance to get to know the new intake and perhaps test them to a game of rounders! With a few missing tent poles found, students were offered a wide range of activities to enjoy as the sun went down.

One of the most popular activities became the staff versus student rounders match: with a selection of Year 7s giving the staff a real run for their money. Headteacher, Mr Bryn Thomas, showed the students a true role model of leadership by winning the staff team their first rounder. After a short victory dance, a few close calls and some heated discussion, it was the student’s round to bat. Rising student sports star Finbarr ran faster than the wind to secure the student team some rounders; however, Year 7 pupil Alice dominated the field with her batting prowess. As tensions frayed, the sun set on a narrow victory by the staff team. One pupil, Monty, expressed his delight during the game: “It was brilliant, but I couldn’t believe you were all so competitive!”

After the sun had gone down, all pupils reunited for burgers and hot dogs around the campfire. Year 7, Michael, was thrilled to be gathered around the extravagant bonfire: “It was the best part of the night!” As Mr Round led the traditional campfire sing-along, a selection of talented pupils showcased their talents in either dancing, singing and even a show of beat-boxing! However, as the embers flared through the night sky, only Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now had the power to unite all staff and students in an harmonious sing-along around the roaring fire.

For hours upon end, pupils danced, sang and played around the campfire; one student, Jack wowed the crowd with some moves even the oldest members of staff had never seen before.

As pupils whittled off to camp down in their tents for the night, it was not long before a 5am football match between students awoke the camp. As the time drew near to pack away their camping gear and head home for a good night’s sleep, many staff and pupils congregated to help one another and share experiences of the night (no matter how little sleep everyone had).

Wolverley Summer Camp was an incredible success: blessed with a clear night sky and fantastic company. Mr Thomas reminisced: "The year 7 camping event happens every year and is quite simply the icing on the cake of our wonderful induction programme.  I am so proud of the way Year 7 have started their school life here.  They are already a credit to their new school."

Wolverley CE Secondary School are holding their annual open evening on Tuesday, 26th September 2017 6-8pm and open morning on Wednesday, 27th September 2017 9am-12noon

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Year 7 Camp
On Friday 15th September, over 125 students from Wolverley CE Secondary School pitched up their tents and prepared for Wolverley’s… Read more

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