September 2016

For my first blog of this academic year I would like to focus on our wonderful new Year 7 who have made a fantastic start to their educational journey here at Wolverley.  It is a tradition that our new Year 7 students camp out in the school’s grounds on the Friday at the end of their first week.  Despite an awful weather forecast we went ahead this year with our biggest and best ever camp!  The fun-packed evening kicked off with a barbecue for parents and students to reward them for managing to erect their tents. There were clearly some seasoned campers and some who maybe haven’t put up a tent for some time (I’m talking about the parents of course).  Following this, students played football and rounder’s, collected wood for the much anticipated camp fire and even gutted rainbow trout to cook on the embers of the barbecue. 


Just as dusk fell and parents had departed for the comfort of their warm houses, the Vikings invaded!  The students were a little shocked to say the least when they came rampaging through the trees waving swords, shields and fully adorned as Viking warriors.

The battle to save the camp then commenced with a showdown between myself and their leader.  I was victorious of course and Year 7 felt reassured they could sleep safe in their beds!  It was fantastic fun and certainly something they’ll never forget.  Thankfully the rain stayed away and we passed the rest of the evening by the camp fire with songs and games and even an outdoor disco. 

Well done to Year 7 on a camp to remember and a great first couple of weeks, keep up the good work!



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